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Clematis Bee's Jubilee 1

A beautiful, reliable selection that produces a profusion of blue flowers with lavender tones. A good choice for training on walls, arbors, or growing through medium to tall shrubs. Deciduous. Deer resistant. Clematis enjoy a sunny location with well-d

$ 24.99

Clematis H.F. Young 1

The only thing better than one show of large, gorgeous purple blooms is two of them! That's exactly what this darling climbing perennial gives you. Once you witness for yourself these dazzling 7-inch flowers in action you'll be grateful for a second helpi

$ 24.99

Clematis Henryi 1

This prolific, large-flowered, compact climber is perfect for landscape, patio, or container, where it supplies beautiful vertical interest to any fence or trellis without taking over, making it ideal for smaller gardens. Large, lilac-pink flowers appear

$ 24.99

Clematis Huvi 1

Stunning bright red 5-7" flowers (will show more purple if in any shade). Clematis Rebecca is offset by eye-catching creamy yellow anthers. It is exceptionally free-flowering. Blooms May, June and August. Modest in height this is a perfect choice for the

$ 24.99

Clematis Jackmanii Superba1

The most popular and reliable of the clematis vines. Showy deep purple-violet flowers cover this climbing vine throughout most of the summer. An excellent vine for adding vertical interest to the landscape on a fence or trellis, or along rock walls. Decid

$ 24.99

Clematis Lanuginosa Candida 1

This vigorous, pure white variety grows to 12′. The flowers are up to 9″ across, and have showy yellow stamens. Feature 'Candida' in the moon garden to light up the evening sky. For beautiful colors, extravagance of blooms, and graceful habit, nothing

$ 24.99

Clematis Niobe 1

An outstanding vine with leathery, textured, green foliage and large, brilliantly colored, wine-red blooms. This robust, bushy grower makes a fine groundcover or quick cover for arbors, fences or tall shrubs. Roots prefer a cool, sheltered setting that al

$ 24.99

Clematis Paniculata Sweet Autumn 1

Handsome climbing vine displays billowy masses of fragrant flowers against leathery dark green leaves. Grows rapidly in warm temperatures, its twining stems quickly covering fences, arbors and sheds. Flowers emerge late summer to fall, followed by silvery

$ 24.99

Clematis Pink Champagne 1

This early-flowering, compact clematis is ideal for containers or small gardens. Festive, deep-pink flowers can reach six to eight inches in diameter. Petals are uniquely striped with white bars. Blossoms abundantly in early summer, repeating in late summ

$ 24.99

Clematis Ruutel 1

This prolific, compact climber blooms from late spring to late summer. Large, dark red flowers cloak the gently twining stems, adding beautiful vertical interest to a fence or trellis. Perfect in containers, or meandering through shrub beds. Superb in cut

$ 24.99

Clematis The President 1

Flowers are violet blue in color, and they arrive steadily for most of the summer. Consistently delivers a great show, and is one of the best repeat bloomers. Superb with any of our Climbing Roses. Pruning group 2. For beautiful colors, extravagance of

$ 24.99

Wisteria Amethyst Falls 600

Perfect for smaller spaces, this gorgeous twining vine grows at about a third the rate of Asian wisteria. Blooms at an early age, with its lightly fragrant purple racemes weeping gracefully downward. Use in containers for porch or patio, train up an arbor

$ 19.99