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Ames Hand Bulb Planter

Strong steel head. Easily removes and replaces soil for planting


Bamboo Stakes 3'

Come in retail friendly pre-packaged bundles. Dyed green to blend in with the plants. Bamboo stakes are all natural, strong, lightweight, inexpensive, weather well and last several seasons in the garden. Use these stakes as plant stakes and markers or as


Bamboo Stakes 4'

Great for staking plants, vines and vegetables


Chapin All Purpose Sprayer

Chapin's G362 Hose End Sprayer is made for heavy duty use. It has such features as an adjustable metered dial and a fan nozzle. This hose end sprayer offers 16 mixing rations and sprays up to 100 gallons with its durable brass mixing head. To prevent back


Green Glo Leaf Shine 10.5 oz

For a Natural and Healthier Gloss- Spray on plant polish. No wiping required. No ozone depleting chemicals.


Pump Spray Applicator 1.33 Gal

A 1.3 gal. capacity sprayer that is durable and easy to use. Eliminates had fatigue. Funnel mouth for fast and easy filling. Fan and straight stream spray patterns. Great for pesticides, repellents, cleaners or simply water.


Seeder Lg Leaf Seed Master

Unique seed dispenser for home gardeners and professional growers. Precise, even sowing of all sized seeds is fast and convenient with just the click of the thumb. Virtually eliminates thinning. No clumping


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