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Ames Hand Bulb Planter

Strong steel head. Easily removes and replaces soil for planting

$ 6.99

Chapin All Purpose Sprayer

Chapin's G362 Hose End Sprayer is made for heavy duty use. It has such features as an adjustable metered dial and a fan nozzle. This hose end sprayer offers 16 mixing rations and sprays up to 100 gallons with its durable brass mixing head. To prevent back

$ 24.99

Coco Coir Pots 8 Pk

This round fiber grow coconut pot has less mold growth than peat based pots and pellets. Seeds and cuttings flourish in biodegradable fiber grow pots. Measures 6-inch. **Includes 8 pots per pack**

$ 2.49

Fabric Pins 10 Pk

Contractor grade steel pin. Use for securing landscape fabric, burlap, patio under liner, sod, soaking hoses and more.

$ 2.19

Green Glo Leaf Shine 10.5 oz

For a Natural and Healthier Gloss- Spray on plant polish. No wiping required. No ozone depleting chemicals.

$ 7.99

Luster Leaf Twist & Clip 30 Ct

The Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Twist and Clips (30 pack) (816) is designed to clip your plants to canes and wires. This ensures its durability and long-lasting efficiency. Once purchased, this comes with thirty twist and clips per pack.

$ 2.99

Plastic Propagation Tray, No Holes

Growing Trays can be reused over and over again. Perfect for growing wheatgrass, starting seedlings, growing micro-greens in soil & more. Sturdy black plastic. Precise fit for Sure to Grow pads and Micro-Mats hydroponic pads.

$ 1.99

Propagation Dome, Plastic 3"

This heavy-duty plastic 3" Vented Humidity Dome with a sturdy tray features a control dial to help regulate moisture and temperature for your germinating seeds and successful cloning. Black tray sold separately

$ 1.99

Pump Spray Applicator 1.33 Gal

A 1.3 gal. capacity sprayer that is durable and easy to use. Eliminates had fatigue. Funnel mouth for fast and easy filling. Fan and straight stream spray patterns. Great for pesticides, repellents, cleaners or simply water.

$ 19.99

Soil Moist 3 oz

Granules that absorb and release water into the soil. These white granules expand & become translucent adding moisture back into the soil when present & allow plants to absorb extra moisture in dry conditions. Soil Moist is ideal for indoor/outdoor use

$ 3.99

Spreader Broadcast 75#

The Precision SB4300RDGY Step Up Broadcast Spreader will make it simple for you to continue maintaining your lawn. It has a heavy-duty hopper that can hold fertilizer with ease. The Precision Products spreader also has a u-handle with a foam grip that is

$ 79.99

Spreader Hand Crank Chapin

ChapinĀ® 1.5 Liter Fertilizer/Seed Hand Crank Spreader - Easy-Crank Design - Enclosed Gears - Use With Fertilizer And Seeds - Great For Small Areas

$ 14.99

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