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Better Gro Special Orchid Mix

A dynamic combination of western fir bark, hardwood charcoal, and sponge rock that has been specifically formulated by a team of highly trained orchid growers. Promotes healthy, strong growth by providing superior drainage, allowing for root ventilation.

$ 6.99

Daddy Pete Planting Mix 25 Qt

Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix helps to enhance soils back to life. This organic mix consists of Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure and aged pine bark fines. The aged pine bark fines provide air space, while the composted cow manure will help retain moisture

$ 6.99

Espoma Seed Starter Mix 8 Qt

A rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-tone®. All natural seed starting mix. For all seedlings and cuttings. Promotes Root Growth. Improves moisture retention

$ 6.99

F-L African Violet Soil 4 Qt

Specially formulated with a peat blend that provides good air capacity and water retention. Ferti-lome African Violet mix is an excellent mix for African Violets but it’s also indicated for all the plants of the Gesneriad family such as Streptocarpus, Epi

$ 3.99