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Actinidia Arguta Issai (Female) 1

Vigorous twining vine needs no pollenizer plant to produce an abundance of small, delicious smooth-skinned fruit. This climber offers glossy foliage and fragrant white blooms in early summer, making it a showy landscape specimen. Attractive on arbor or tr

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Blackberry, Marionberry 2

Marionberries are called caneberries, meaning a type of blackberry with a limited number of long (up to 20 feet), but prolific in production canes. This vigorous grower can produce up to 6 tons of fruit per acre. Marionberries ripen through spring and ear

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Blackberry, Triple Crown 2

A unique flavor that has garnered rave reviews! This productive plant yields berries that offer a tasty blend of sweetness and tartness. The fruit is borne uniformly, so it is easy to pick. Thornless semi-erect canes may need support under heavy fruit loa

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Blueberry, Brightwell Rabbiteye 2

Rabbiteyes are more heat tolerant than all other blueberry varieties, but less cold hardy. Rabbiteye blueberries are also the most vigorous and most productive type of blueberry. In fact, rabbiteye blueberry plants can reach heights of over 20 feet. Rab

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Blueberry, Duke 2

Productive and decorative! A handsome bush with three seasons of interest: white, pink-tinged spring flowers; large, light blue summer fruit; and vibrant orange and yellow fall foliage. The large berries, often reaching the size of quarters, are produced

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Gaylussacia b 'Berried Treasure' 3

Vigorous, low growing shrub. Beautiful deep red fall color. Fruit is similar to blueberries but with fewer seeds. Bell-shaped white to pink flowers attract many pollinators

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Grape, Summit 2

This is a large-fruited, bronze grape with very sweet Muscadine flavor. Desirable dry stem scar (juice doesn't leak out) and good keeping quality in refrigerator. All female flowers require a pollinator variety. In many areas, native Muscadines will polli

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Grape, Triumph Muscadine 2

Extra-large and juicy! These vigorous vines produce large clusters of bronze-pink muscadine grapes. Fruit is excellent for fresh eating with its cool, sweet crunch. Ripe fruit may develop a slight reddish hue on the sunny side. Disease-resistant. Heat-tol

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Hops Vine Cascade 1

If you're looking for a dense, green, creeping vine to add charm and seclusion, lift up your glass and say cheers to the Cascade Hops Plant. Known for its important contributions to ales the world over, Cascade Hops are underappreciated and often overlook

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Hops Vine Centennial 1

Home brewers everywhere are lifting their glasses and celebrating the Centennial Hop for a variety of reasons starting with the flexibility of where you can successfully grow them. A hardy plant, the Centennial can withstand climate differences ranging fr

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Hops Vine Chinook 1

In recent years, ‘Chinook’ hops have earned a devoted following of craft-brewers on a quest for the Great American Ale. Northwest native provides plentiful cool-green seed-bearing cones (or flowers) which, once prepared, are indispensable to your very own

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