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Acer rubrum October Glory 7

Compact upright grower with deep green leaves. A brilliant display of red autumn leaves giving a prolonged display into winter.

$ 69.00

Acer rubrum Red Sunset 7

This deciduous tree offers reliably stunning fall color and achieves its full 40’-50’ width and height moderately quickly. It loves plenty of water, lots of room, and full sun to partial shade. Ample water will encourage a deep root system.

$ 69.00

Acer Tatarian Hotwings 7

A Very Reliable Tree For Harsh Conditons! Showy red samaras (winged seeds) shine in bright contrast to the summer foliage of this small tree that is an excellent performer in rugged climates. Broadly oval when young, its branches spread wider than tall, b

$ 109.00

Betula Dura Heat 7

Ideal birch tree for hotter parts of the country. Fast-growing tree as a specimen or screen. Attractive peeling bark in pink, red and tan. Great choice for wet or flooded ground and for clay soil. Ideal smaller tree for small gardens

$ 69.00

Betula Pendula Youngii 5 serp

The ultimate weeping birch & a true character tree. Its small size and beautiful mature dome shape with curtain-like branches makes it pleasing to the eye. It shares all its characteristics with the Silver Birch. Very hardy. A shallow rooting tree.

$ 99.00

Cotinus 'Royal Purple' 5

Add some rich purple color to your yard when it blooms in the summer, as well as adding fall color with its Purple foliage. Tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions except poorly drained soil due to its need for sharp drainage.

$ 74.00

Salix b 'Weeping Willow' 15

Weeping willows are lovely trees that are ideal for wet areas and by rivers. This willow is one of the fastest growing shade trees, growing up to 6-8 ft. a year. A favorite among tree lovers for its dramatic appearance and rounded, weeping shape.

$ 159.00

Styrax Japonica 10

Lovely, fragrant white flowers hang from strongly horizontal side branches that make a splendid small tree for patio or near a pathway. Attractive dark green leaves turn red or yellow in fall. Partial to full sun. Slow growing but can reach 20-30' tall.

$ 139.00

Tilia Cordate Greenspire 7

Greenspire™ linden is a magnificent shade tree with a strong, spire-like shape throughout its life and fragrant yellow flowers in early summer when few trees bloom. It is very tidy and low-maintenance, adaptable, and makes an excellent lawn or street spec

$ 109.00