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Amelanchier 'Autumn Brilliance' 7

Outstanding red fall leaf color, but equally spectacular is the burst of white spring flowers, followed by a small very dark colored edible berry. The bark is smooth and light gray. Serviceberry might reach 20' to 25' both tall and wide at maturity.


Amelanchier can 'Serviceberry' 3

Easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Tolerant of a somewhat wide range of soils. Amelanchier canadensis, commonly called shadblow serviceberry, is a deciduous, early-flowering, large shrub or small tree which ty


Cercis can 'Carolina Sweetheart' 7

One of the loveliest, most colorful redbuds we've seen. In early to mid-spring, rosy purple flowers open along its stems, creating a spectacular effect. The color show continues when its graceful, heart-shaped leaves emerge. Reaches 20-30' tall.


Cornus f Cherokee Brave 7

Nothing stops these guys from providing color all year. Large four petal blossoms have a unique red hue that fades into a white center. They bloom very early in the spring to fill the countryside with warm color that lets us know that winter has passed.


Cornus f Cherokee Princess 7

A native American flowering tree, with a low-branching, broadly pyramidal, but somewhat flat-top habit. ‘Cherokee Princess’ is noted for its consistently early and heavy bloom of flowers with large white bracts. Good rust-red fall color.


Cornus x 'Celestial' 7

This cultivar, previously named 'Galaxy' was developed by crossing Cornus florida with Cornus kousa. It has brilliant white flowers. Its growth habit is erect, with spreading limbs. Best adapted for more northern climates where winter temps are cooler


Lager Hopi 3