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Abelia Glossy 3

$ 19.99

Azalea Ex Cannon's Double 2

An extremely hardy selection that produces a mass of multi-layered petals in spring with stunning peach, pink, and cream coloring. The very dark green foliage develops red-bronze highlights in the fall. The small mounding form is excellent for massing in

$ 39.99

Azalea Ex Klondyke 2

Extremely hardy selection that provides a massive display of vibrant golden-yellow single blooms with lush, bronze-tinged green foliage. Small mounding form is excellent for massing in shrub borders, or for use as a bold landscape accent at the edge of a

$ 39.99

Azalea Ex Pink Sunset 2

Extremely hardy selection which provides a massive display of large trusses of rose-pink blooms with an orange-yellow blotch. Mounded form is excellent for massing in shrub borders. Deciduous.

$ 39.99

Azalea Girard's Christina 3

Double rose-red blooms cover the shrub in a profusion of color in late spring. Dense, broadly rounded evergreen shrub with large, glossy green foliage. The leaves take on a Mahogany color in the fall and winter. An excellent choice for a showy border or

$ 17.99

Azalea Gumpo Pink 3

Dwarf evergreen shrub displays extremely showy single light pink flowers late in the season. Lush foliage on dense twiggy branches. A lovely accent and welcome addition to the landscape.

$ 19.99

Azalea Gumpo White 3

Extend the season with this late flowering variety. Displays large, single bright white blooms with occasional reddish pink flecks in late spring. Dense, twiggy branches hold small deep green foliage. Evergreen.

$ 19.99

Azalea Hershey Red 3

Beautiful, abundant red flowers in the spring on this deciduous, spreading azalea. Perfect for spring containers. Prune immediately after flowering to ensure prolific blooms year after year. Part sun/ part shade. Approximately 3' x 3'.

$ 19.99

Berberis Daybreak 3

Daybreak is a colorful compact barberry that is perfect for small space gardens. The foliage emerges orange-red and eventually matures to bright yellow-gold that doesn't burn or bleach in the summer heat. It forms a beautiful small rounded mound that will

$ 29.99

Buddleia CranRazz 1

Attractive and fragrant flowers adorn long flower spikes that reach up to 8 inches long, with a bright red coloration likened to cran-raspberry juice. A stunning addition to cut flower arrangements. Use as a foundation plant or in a shrub border. A must h

$ 14.99

Buxus Variegated 3

Small dark green leaves are bordered by an irregular creamy white variegation, perfect for adding interest and color to the year-round landscape. Easily pruned into topiary shapes or a formal hedge. Works well for containers and foundation plantings. Ever

$ 34.99

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