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Abelia Glossy 3

Gracefully arching shrub displays bright, glossy foliage backing fragrant, bell-shaped white flowers. Use as screen, hedge or barrier. Beautiful landscape specimen. Evergreen to semi-evergreen.

$ 24.99

Abelia Kaleidoscope 3

The perfect shrub, period. Kaleidoscope Abelia is one of the easiest plants you can add to your garden for year-round, ever-changing colors. Abelia x grandiflora ‘Kaleidoscope’ is also one of the longest flowering abelias with delicately fragrant white bl

$ 34.99

Abelia Rose Creek 3

Lustrous leaves with a pinkish cast develop on crimson stems, mature to dark green and transform to purple and green in winter. Showy clusters of small, fragrant, white flowers emerge from rosy pink sepals in summer. Compact size. Evergreen.

$ 19.99

Althea Lavender Chiffon 3

Large, single lavender flowers adorned with lacy centers create anemone-like blooms. This hardy hibiscus adds valuable color in late summer. Beautiful in large containers, as a colorful hedge, or pruned into a small tree.

$ 39.99

Azalea 'Autumn Angel' 3

Dark green glossy foliage accentuates the pure white blooms of this compact plant. Dwarf. 3' x 3' in size. Partial sun.Use this twice-blooming flowering shrub as an accent in garden beds and borders, or in foundation plantings. Autumn Angel™ even does wel

$ 29.99

Azalea 'Autumn Coral' 3

The Azalea Encore 'Autumn Coral', Rhododendron Hybrid 'Conled', is an evergreen azalea that is an extremely heavy bloomer throughout the summer and fall. This azalea has a single form that has soft coral pink flowers, dotted with bright fuchsia centers, a

$ 29.99

Azalea 'Autumn Embers' 3

This striking variety stands out in any landscape with its blazing display of color.

$ 29.99

Azalea 'Autumn Rouge' 3

The Autumn Rouge Encore Azalea, Azalea x 'Conlea', is a rapid growing flowering shrub that blooms three times a year. It is an evergreen shrub with beautiful dark green foliage, a perfect back drop to the three season show. The Autumn Rouge Encore A

$ 29.99

Azalea 'Autumn Royalty' 3

Autumn Royalty ™ has large, single, rich purplish-pink flowers over dark green foliage. A vigorous grower, upright, dense, and globose in nature. Prefers well drained, slightly acidic soil and afternoon shade. Excellent as a specimen plant, hedge or scree

$ 29.99

Azalea 'Autumn Twist' 3

This fast growing variety boasts large bi-color and occasional solid purple blooms. Grows 4-5' tall and 4' wide. Single bloom. Partial sun.

$ 29.99

Azalea Ex Klondyke 2

Extremely hardy selection that provides a massive display of vibrant golden-yellow single blooms with lush, bronze-tinged green foliage. Small mounding form is excellent for massing in shrub borders, or for use as a bold landscape accent at the edge of a

$ 39.99

Azalea Ex Pink Sunset 2

Extremely hardy selection which provides a massive display of large trusses of rose-pink blooms with an orange-yellow blotch. Mounded form is excellent for massing in shrub borders. Deciduous.

$ 39.99

Azalea Gumpo Pink 2

Dwarf evergreen shrub displays extremely showy single light pink flowers late in the season. Lush foliage on dense twiggy branches. A lovely accent and welcome addition to the landscape.

$ 19.99

Azalea Gumpo White 2

Extend the season with this late flowering variety. Displays large, single bright white blooms with occasional reddish pink flecks in late spring. Dense, twiggy branches hold small deep green foliage. Evergreen.

$ 19.99

Azalea Hardy Gardenia 3

Hardy Gardenia Azaleas are the well known azalea we love, but with double the petal power. The snow white rosettes bloom at the tips of each branch in clusters. The Gardenia Azalea blooms all Spring. Double the petals with double the blooms for a dazzling

$ 19.99

Azalea Hershey Red 3

Beautiful, abundant red flowers in the spring on this deciduous, spreading azalea. Perfect for spring containers. Prune immediately after flowering to ensure prolific blooms year after year. Part sun/ part shade. Approximately 3' x 3'.

$ 19.99

Azalea Nancy of Robin Hill 3

A Robin Hill hybrid with low growth habit. Light pink, double hose-in-hose flowers with a red blotch bloom in mid-spring. A very showy and hardy variety.

$ 19.99

Berberis Crimson Pygmy 3

A dwarf, densely branched form displaying deep crimson colored foliage all season long. Best color when planted in full sun. Excellent color contrast against green or gold-leafed plants. A great choice for mass plantings. Deciduous.

$ 24.99

Berberis Daybreak 3

Daybreak is a colorful compact barberry that is perfect for small space gardens. The foliage emerges orange-red and eventually matures to bright yellow-gold that doesn't burn or bleach in the summer heat. It forms a beautiful small rounded mound that will

$ 29.99

Berberis Golden Nugget 3

An exceptional golden barberry in an exciting dwarf form. Displays attractive, non-burning foliage with a golden orange cast most of the season. Excellent low-maintenance color for the landscape from spring to fall. Drought tolerant when established.

$ 29.99

Berberis Orange Rocket 3

Vibrant coral-orange new foliage ages to a medium green, then turns ruby red in autumn. This award-winning, compact shrub has a vigorous upright growth habit and improved resistance to rust. Use to brighten the landscape. Deciduous.

$ 29.99

Berberis Rosy Glow 3

Richly colored foliage on graceful branching makes this a wonderful hedge, barrier planting or single accent. Deep rose-red foliage is mottled with white and green in spring, bringing wonderful, warm color into the landscape. Bright red berries in fall an

$ 24.99

Buddleia Black Knight 1

Spectacular summer color from lightly fragrant, dark violet-purple flower spikes. A fast growing shrub that works well as a foundation shrub, an accent plant or as a background in borders. Slightly hardier than other varieties, but may die to ground in co

$ 14.99

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