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Artemisia Powis Castle 1

Form soft mounds that grow 2-3 feet tall and wide, but they spread underground rhizomes and can eventually reach 6 feet. Powis Castles are excellent plants for providing contrast and accent between groups of flowering plants, as well as for backgrounds

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Athyrium Ghost Lady Fern 1

Easily grown in humusy, organically rich, medium moisture, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. Best sited in sheltered locations. Best silvery frond color occurs in light shade. Too much sun often results in a bleaching of the attractive frond

$ 12.99

Athyrium Japanese Painted Fern 1

Beautiful mounds of dramatic foliage that will be a standout in the shade garden. The dark, blue-green central rib of each frond fades to silver at the edges. The short stature and spreading form is excellent for use as foreground foliage and ideal for co

$ 9.99

Dryopteris Autumn Fern 1

A bold and beautiful choice for shady borders and woodland gardens. A stunning dwarf fern with a flush of young papery fronds that emerge a copper-red color, then mature to a deep green. Spreads by underground stems. An herbaceous perennial. Full shade.

$ 9.99

Lavender Grosso Qt

Grow in average, dry to medium, well-drained, alkaline soil in full sun. Lavandin can be difficult to grow in the St. Louis area, primarily because of winter stresses and high summer humidity. Well-drained soils are required, particularly in winter. Root

$ 7.99

Lavender Phenomenal 1

'Phenomenal' Lavender has it all: exceptionally tolerant of both high heat and harsh winter, this easy-to-grow lavender even shows resistance to the effects of humidity. Highly fragrant with concentrated essential oils, Phenomenal's spikes of purple-blue

$ 9.99

Mum 12" White

$ 24.99

Mum 8" White

$ 6.99

Plectranthus 'Swedish Ivy' 4.5"

Easy to grow trailing houseplant. Requires minimal light & watering. Grows well indoors in the Winter and can be transferred outside during the Spring and Summer months. Multiple varieties

$ 4.99

Polystichum Tassel Fern 1

A lustrous fern that is sure to lend an elegant look to shaded gardens. Particularly beautiful when new fronds emerge stiffly, then droop backwards to form a tassel. Beautiful in mass plantings as a groundcover, especially under flowering shrubs. An herba

$ 11.99

Rosemary Salem 1

Full Sun. Ht 18”–36”. A lovely upright growing Rosemary with beautiful blue-violet blooms. Works beautifully as a hedging plant or accent at the edge of borders. This hardy, fast-growing evergreen shrub has an upright, rounded form & attractive flowers.

$ 9.99

Sage, Pineapple 600

Indeed it is. Leaves of the pineapple sage plant may be steeped for teas and the minty-tasting blossoms can be used as an attractive garnish for salads and deserts. Leaves are best used fresh. Pineapple sage flowers may also be used in jelly and jam conc

$ 9.99

Selaginella Aurea Club Moss Qt

Chartreuse colored foliage forms a nice low, mossy groundcover. Excellent for brightening up dark, shady, moist but well-drained areas of the garden. Deciduous. Deer resistant. Do not allow to completely dry out. Prefers constantly moist soil and high hu

$ 5.99

WQ Seed, Collards Cabbage

Destiny is in the mid-early maturity class and performs well for all harvest in the Desert Southwest. Dwarf plants produce broccoli with a nice, smooth dome and round shape. Destiny has medium-small beads with good heat tolerance.

$ 2.99