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Ajuga Black Scallop Qt

Lush darkest burgundy/black foliage blankets the ground. Leaves are slightly more upright and wavy. Ajuga Black Scallop achieves best foliage color in sunny locations. Blue flower spikes appearing in late spring. Evergreen in milder climates. Ajuga are

$ 4.99

Ajuga Burgundy Glow Qt

An excellent spreading groundcover that features colorful burgundy-tinged, pale green and cream variegated foliage and deep blue flower spikes. Forms a dense, carpet-like mat, even in shady areas! Beautiful in containers, around shrubs or between stepping

$ 5.99

Ajuga Rainbow Qt

Forms a dense mat of shiny, multi-coloured, ground-covering foliage. Leaves change colour throughout the year and range from flecks of pink, red, purple, cream and green. Blue flower spikes appear in spring and summer. A tough and resilient low growing ev

$ 5.99

Ajuga Sugar Plum Qt

This ground cover has variegated foliage of silvery green, maroon, pink, and cream that creates a tapestry of color in beds and borders. Blue flower spikes appear above the mat-forming foliage in late spring. They’re also terrific used as an underplanting

$ 5.99

Ficus Repens Varigated 4"

Also known as Creeping Fig. It can be useful as a ground cover where it looks great scrambling over boulders but is most often used to climb and fully cover block, masonry, and concrete walls. Can be used indoors or outside in the Summertime

$ 4.99

Lamium Beacon Silver 1

An outstanding ground cover with green-edged, metalic-silver leaves. Lilac-pink flowers. Popular variety. Likes any well-drained soil. This low-growing CLIFF HANGER plant will form a trailing mat of foliage and is a good selection for rock walls and conta

$ 7.99

Liriope Big Blue 1

Abundant blue flower spikes rise above the attractive, tufted arching, grass-like foliage followed by clusters of black berries. Superior edging, border or groundcover. Tolerates drier conditions when established. Evergreen. Partial sun. Reaches up to 12"

$ 5.99

Liriope Variegated 1

Vibrant yellow stripes brighten the dark green, arching, grass-like foliage that adds color to any planting. Lilac flowers appear on stems as tall as the leaves. An easy to grow, clump-forming groundcover or edging around perennial or shrub borders. Everg

$ 5.99

Sedum Angelina 4"

Mderate growing groundcover plant and perennial plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3-11. It prefers growing in a location with full sun, and afternoon shade and grows best when planted in sand, loam, clay or silt soil that is well drain

$ 4.99

Sedum Dragon's Blood Qt

Green leaves with red margins turn a brilliant red with cool autumn temperatures. Deep red flowers contrast with the green leaves in warm weather. A superb groundcover, border or rock garden subject. Works well in containers. Evergreen except in coldest c

$ 5.99

Sedum lineare Variegatum Qt

Light green, narrow, succulent leaves have white margins. Unlike most sedum, this one performs much better with some shade. Clusters of yellow flowers in early summer. Attractive to butterflies. Deer resistant. Easy to grow in light shade and well-drai

$ 5.99