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Ajuga Black Scallop Qt

Lush darkest burgundy/black foliage blankets the ground. Leaves are slightly more upright and wavy. Ajuga Black Scallop achieves best foliage color in sunny locations. Blue flower spikes appearing in late spring. Evergreen in milder climates. Ajuga are

$ 5.99

Ajuga Chocolate Chip 3.5"

A dwarf, spreading groundcover that creates a tight mat of rich, chocolate brown foliage with dark green undertones. Charming spikes of lacy blue flowers rise above the foliage in the spring. May repeat bloom in milder climates. Beautiful in containers, a

$ 4.99

Ajuga Pink Lightning 4"

Mauve pink flower spikes in mid spring are a welcome color change from the classic blue. Crinkly textured leaves of soft mint green are edged with flashes of creamy white. Ajuga are extremely hardy groundcovers that quickly form a dense carpet-like mat

$ 2.99

Ajuga Rainbow Qt

Forms a dense mat of shiny, multi-coloured, ground-covering foliage. Leaves change colour throughout the year and range from flecks of pink, red, purple, cream and green. Blue flower spikes appear in spring and summer. A tough and resilient low growing ev

$ 5.99

Ajuga Sugar Plum Qt

This ground cover has variegated foliage of silvery green, maroon, pink, and cream that creates a tapestry of color in beds and borders. Blue flower spikes appear above the mat-forming foliage in late spring. They’re also terrific used as an underplanting

$ 5.99

Ceratostigma Plumbago 1

Showy, versatile and durable groundcover for sun or shade. Electric blue flowers are set off by bronze-green to dark green leaves on wiry stems. Spreads slowly, providing wonderful drifts of color. As the flowers fade, the autumn foliage takes center stag

$ 8.99

Hosta August Moon 1

'August Moon' is one of the oldest gold hosta cultivars and a real classic. This medium to large hosta has heart-shaped golden yellow leaves with some corrugation and white undersides. Vigorous grower that can handle a good amount of sunlight.

$ 12.99

Hosta Golden Tiara 1

An award winning small hosta, perfect for edging borders and garden walkways. Displays light green foliage edged in yellow. Purple flowers in midsummer. Herbaceous perennial.

$ 9.99

Hosta Guacamole 1

An aptly named rich green, large-leaved variety with chartreuse centers edged with a wide, dark green margin. The large, fragrant white flowers of 'Guacamole' add spice late in the season. Expect a plant with big impact. We like it combined with blue-lea

$ 12.99

Hosta Stained Glass 1

Bright golden leaves with wide, deep green margins and prominent veining provide the appearance of stained glass. Large, fragrant, pale lavender flowers complement the dramatic foliage. Bold color for foundation and woodland beds in full or dappled shade.

$ 9.99

Hosta T. Rex 1

The monstrous green leaves of 'T Rex' Hosta are slightly wavy and floppy. This hosta forms a gigantic mound of slightly corrugated green foliage. Takes a significant amount of time to reach its potential but is well worth the wait. Plant in deep fertile s

$ 12.99

Hosta Victory 1

This majestic giant will need room to reach its full potential, with huge leaves and distinctive variegation that makes your landscape a triumph! An attention-grabbing specimen quality hosta with shiny green leaves that have a dramatic grooved texture and

$ 9.99

Hosta Whirlwind 1

'Whirlwind' Hosta has wide dark green streaked margins with a creamy white center. The center color looks like a little flame in the middle of the leaf. The center of the leaf emerges white but slowly turns lime-green to all green by mid summer. These med

$ 12.99

Hypericum calycinum 1

A widely used and attractive evergreen groundcover which is dense, but not invasive. Deep green, oval leaves and 2" gold flowers with pincushion-like, center-clustered stamens in late spring and early summer. One of the nicest groundcovers when in bloom.

$ 6.99

Lamiastrum Herman's Pride 1

Forms a dense mound of metallic silver foliage with green veins, then proceeds to spread and fill in. Bright yellow flowers blanket the foliage in late spring. Lamiastrum Herman's Pride is a good selection for a tough spot. Combines well with Dicentra, Ho

$ 7.99

Lamium Beacon Silver 1

An outstanding ground cover with green-edged, metalic-silver leaves. Lilac-pink flowers. Popular variety. Likes any well-drained soil. This low-growing CLIFF HANGER plant will form a trailing mat of foliage and is a good selection for rock walls and conta

$ 7.99

Lysimachia Goldilocks Qt

Shiny golden trailing foliage brightens any garden. Lime green leaves are nearly iridescent in the sun. A colorful, easy-care choice for mixed containers or groundcover.

$ 4.99

Rubus Creeping Raspberry 1

Deep green, coarse textured, lobed leaves on creeping stems form a very dense mat. Some leaves turn bronze or red in winter for added interest. A superb, adaptable groundcover and weed barrier. Allow to creep over rocks in a rock garden. Partial to full s

$ 9.99

Sagina Irish Moss 1

Handsome, lush, deep green, moss-like foliage forms a soft, cushy mat that is good along walkways and between stepping stones. Tiny translucent white flowers add to its beauty in spring, and have a lovely light fragrance. Tolerates moderate foot traffic.

$ 7.99

Sedum Angelina Qt

Brilliant chartreuse-yellow, needle-like foliage forms a quick groundcover. Adds cheery color to containers, dry slopes and flowering borders. Excellent for use as year-round coverage for beds with spring bulbs. In winter, foliage turns orange in northern

$ 5.99

Sedum Dazzleberry qt

Wow! Fabulous color impact – even from a distance. Huge raspberry flower clusters completely engulf the smoky blue-grey, wide mounds of foliage. One of the earliest fall-blooming Sedum varieties. Part of the SunSparkler Series, these enticing beauties ar

$ 5.99

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