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Ajuga Black Scallop Qt

Lush darkest burgundy/black foliage blankets the ground. Leaves are slightly more upright and wavy. Ajuga Black Scallop achieves best foliage color in sunny locations. Blue flower spikes appearing in late spring. Evergreen in milder climates. Ajuga are

$ 5.99

Ceratostigma Plumbago 1

Showy, versatile and durable groundcover for sun or shade. Electric blue flowers are set off by bronze-green to dark green leaves on wiry stems. Spreads slowly, providing wonderful drifts of color. As the flowers fade, the autumn foliage takes center stag

$ 9.99

Hosta Blue Mouse Ears Qt

A symmetrical mound of small, heart-shaped foliage with a slight curl that resemble mouse ears. The soft blue-gray leaves have a faint white edge in early spring. The thick foliage resists slug damage. Lavender flowers stand above the foliage clumps. Full

$ 8.99

Hosta Fire Island 1

Brilliant gold rippled leaves on deep red stems provide a beautiful contrast in the garden! Lavender flowers spikes appear in mid summer as foliage matures to chartreuse. Provides excellent coverage for fading bulb foliage. This small yet vigorous grower

$ 12.99

Hosta T. Rex 1

The monstrous green leaves of 'T Rex' Hosta are slightly wavy and floppy. This hosta forms a gigantic mound of slightly corrugated green foliage. Takes a significant amount of time to reach its potential but is well worth the wait. Plant in deep fertile s

$ 12.99

Hosta Victory 1

This majestic giant will need room to reach its full potential, with huge leaves and distinctive variegation that makes your landscape a triumph! An attention-grabbing specimen quality hosta with shiny green leaves that have a dramatic grooved texture and

$ 9.99

Hypericum calycinum 1

A widely used and attractive evergreen groundcover which is dense, but not invasive. Deep green, oval leaves and 2" gold flowers with pincushion-like, center-clustered stamens in late spring and early summer. One of the nicest groundcovers when in bloom.

$ 6.99

Lamiastrum Herman's Pride 1

Forms a dense mound of metallic silver foliage with green veins, then proceeds to spread and fill in. Bright yellow flowers blanket the foliage in late spring. Lamiastrum Herman's Pride is a good selection for a tough spot. Combines well with Dicentra, Ho

$ 7.99

Liriope Variegated 1

Vibrant yellow stripes brighten the dark green, arching, grass-like foliage that adds color to any planting. Lilac flowers appear on stems as tall as the leaves. An easy to grow, clump-forming groundcover or edging around perennial or shrub borders. Everg

$ 6.99

Lysimachia Goldilocks Qt

Shiny golden trailing foliage brightens any garden. Lime green leaves are nearly iridescent in the sun. A colorful, easy-care choice for mixed containers or groundcover.

$ 4.99

Sedum Angelina Qt

Brilliant chartreuse-yellow, needle-like foliage forms a quick groundcover. Adds cheery color to containers, dry slopes and flowering borders. Excellent for use as year-round coverage for beds with spring bulbs. In winter, foliage turns orange in northern

$ 5.99

Sedum lineare Variegatum qt

Light green, narrow, succulent leaves have white margins. Unlike most sedum, this one performs much better with some shade. Clusters of yellow flowers in early summer. Attractive to butterflies. Deer resistant. Easy to grow in light shade and well-drai

$ 5.99

Sedum Matrona qt

28-30" tall x 15-18" wide. 'Matrona' is a really tall, sultry garden beauty with attractive blue-green foliage. Blooming in late summer, the pale pink flowers are a knockout, clustered at the tips of the burgundy-red stems. Low fertility, well-drained soi

$ 5.99

Sedum Weihenstephaner Gold 1

This sedum makes a wonderful low growing ground cover. Very easy to grow and very drought resistant. Beautiful yellow star shaped blooms . Excellent in rock gardens, on rocky walls, hanging baskets, etc.

$ 8.99