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Agastache Black Adder 1

'Black Adder' boasts numerous bottlebrush flowers of vivid blue from mid summer to frost on a compact, rounded plant. It has been hardy for us in the ground and in containers and has proven to be a reliable production plant as well. An early pinch keeps i

$ 8.99

Anemone Pretty Lady Emily 1

This lovely, compact variety offers single flowers with overlapping petals in an exceptionally rich shade of deep rose.

$ 7.99

Asclepias tuberosa 1

Butterfly Weed is the iconic, bright orange beauty that's a staple in every butterfly garden. This showy native wildflower is easy to grow, cold hardy, and does well in poor, dry soils. Butterfly Weed is an important nectar source for Monarch butterflies

$ 8.99

Astilbe Red Sentinel 1

Showy, scarlet red plumes are a popular cut flower for shade gardens. Perfectly content in shady woodland gardens or borders, but equally happy in the dappled light under moisture-loving shade trees. An herbaceous perennial.

$ 9.99

Baptisia australis False Indigo 1

Short spikes of indigo-blue, pea-like flowers cover dense, blue green foliage. This showy, long-lived, bushy perennial is excellent for massing or at the back of the border. Attractive seed pods in early summer follow the flowers. Great cut flower.

$ 7.99

Baptisia Carolina Moonlight 1

Abundant, blue-green foliage is topped by elegant spikes of creamy yellow flowers that cover this long-lived, bushy perennial. Attractive seed pods in early summer follow the flowers. Excellent for back of the border. Blends well with most American native

$ 7.99

Calamintha White Cloud 1

Thick mounds of small, very scented leaves with spikes of little, white, mint-shaped flowers. These pretty plants bring pleasure throughout the summer and last well into autumn. Loved by bees and butterflies.

$ 7.99

Canna Pretoria 1

Pretoria's boldly striped foliage is just as striking as its flowers. The alternating bands of green and cream will light up your garden from mid-summer through fall. The big, brilliant orange flowers are held high on 4 ft. stems and have great curb appea

$ 9.99

Coreopsis Cosmic Eye 1

This compact, long blooming perennial makes a colorful specimen in pots and really makes a splash when planted en masse near the front of flower borders. Dark burgundy-red petals are rimmed in gold and accented by yellow centers. A hardy selection with gr

$ 9.99

Coreopsis Mercury Rising 1

A color breakthrough - the first truly hardy, red-flowering coreopsis! Deep red velvet flowers bloom summer through fall over fine-textured foliage. A well-branched selection with excellent disease resistance.

$ 9.99

Coreopsis Sylvester 1

Showy, bright golden yellow blooms last all summer and are twice the size of compact Tweety Coreopsis - making them perfect companions! Compact, bushy habit is excellent for small garden spaces.

$ 8.99

Delosperma Jewel Qt

Enjoy three seasons of neon-bright color from this hardy, sun-loving succulent. Exceptionally drought, heat and humidity tolerant. Forms a lush, evergreen, ground hugging mat, good for mass planting and erosion control in lean, poor soils. Non-invasive. G

$ 5.99

Delosperma Mesa Verde 1

A tough performer for a hot, dry, sunny spot, like a rock garden where the succulent foliage brings lushness to dry areas. Once established, no special care is needed.

$ 7.99

Delosperma Red Mountain 1

A continuous display of small, lustrous red flowers blankets the succulent, evergreen foliage throughout the growing season, from mid-spring to mid-fall. A dazzling groundcover on slopes or in borders.

$ 7.99

Dianthus Coconut Surprise 1

This charming series of Dianthus features adorable, double and semidouble flowers rich in spicy fragrance. Evergreen foliage forms handsome tussocks. Very long blooming and drought tolerant once established.

$ 8.99

Dianthus Fire Star 1

Fragrant, fiery red flowers with a deep crimson eye appear in abundance throughout the growing season on vigorous, heat tolerant plants with gray-green foliage. An excellent selection for rock and trough gardens.

$ 9.99

Dianthus Raspberry Surprise 1

Perfect for planting in front of your daylilies, Raspberry Surprise bears lots of double flowers that will attract butterflies. Its spicy-sweet fragrance is as lovely as its blooms. Deer tend to avoid.

$ 8.99

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