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Luster Leaf Green Garden Twine 200'

200 feet, 3 ply, green, garden twine, perfect for dozens of uses around the house and garden, great for fastening, training and supporting plants in the home, yd or garden, suitable for delicate tasks including securing clematis vines to a trellis and rou

$ 1.79

Luster Leaf pH Soil Tester

Quick, at home results for Soil pH. Innovative and inexpensive soil test kit features an easy-to-use capsule system and patented color comparator. Contains all components needed for 10 tests for Soil pH. Simple, detailed instructions included. Great fo

$ 4.19

Luster Leaf Twist & Clip 30 Ct

The Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Twist and Clips (30 pack) (816) is designed to clip your plants to canes and wires. This ensures its durability and long-lasting efficiency. Once purchased, this comes with thirty twist and clips per pack.

$ 2.99