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Bayer Termite & Carpenter Bee Killer 18 oz

Termite & carpenter bee killer plus foam. Covers hard to reach areas, kills termites where they hide. Expands at a 30:1 ratio to thoroughly cover. Ideal for dry wood, subterranean termites, wood infesting borers or beetles, carpenter bees, and ants.

$ 4.99

Bio Aphid & Whitefly Trap 4 Pk

Bonide Wasp & Hornet Spray KILLS Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets & Carpenter Bees! Bonide's Wasp & Hornet spray contains three active ingredients, Tetramethrin 0.1%, Permethrin 0.25% and Piperonyl Butoxide 0.50% to give an instant knock down and residual p

$ 6.99

Bonide Beetle Bag 6 pk

Six pack of disposable bags for the Beetle Bagger Trap.

$ 5.99

Bonide Repels All 3# Granules

A convenient granular formulation of our all natural, and popular Repels All liquid. Triggers genetically and biologically ingrained fear and flight responses in a multitude of animal intruders - without harm. Lasts up to 2 months. Protects plants and pro

$ 19.99

IMG Dog & Cat Repellent 1 Gal RTU

I Must Garden Dog & Cat Repellent offers pet-safe protection against dog and cat damage. It is available in two unique options - a Liquid Repellent to prevent chewing and gnawing, and a Granular Repellent to prevent digging. Both options are totally harml

$ 29.99

IMG Rabbit Repellent 32 oz Concentrate

Powerful year-round protection against rabbit damage All Natural - Safe for People, Pets, and the Environment Long-lasting and Rain-resistant Ready to Use - Simply spray repellent on plants you want protected Formulated to REPEL Rabbits, not harm them

$ 24.99

IMG Rabbit Repellent 32 oz RTU

32oz Ready-to-Use Trigger Sprayer. Covers up to 1,000 Sq Ft • All-natural and safe people, pets, and the environment • Pleasant mint scent • Repels by smell and taste • Rain proof, long lasting, and guaranteed

$ 14.99

IMG Squirrel Repellent 2# Granules

• 2lb Granular Shaker Top • Simply broadcast granules to stop digging • Pleasant scent – No foul odors • Earth, people, and pet friendly • Rain proof, long lasting, and guaranteed

$ 14.99

Monterey Sluggo 1# Granules

This unique combination of iron phosphate with snail bait additives will kill snails & slugs. Effective against a wide variety of slugs and snails in gardens, lawns, outdoor plants fruits, and crop plants.

$ 9.99

Ramik Green Rat Bait 4 oz

Ramik Mole & Gopher rodenticide utilizes the proven and effective Ramik green nugget bait form to control moles & pocket gophers in below-ground applications in lawns and flower beds.

$ 1.99

Ramik Nuggets 4#

Targets: Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice. Contains the 1st generation anticoagulant Diphacinone. Death may occur within 4-5 days after a lethal dose is consumed. Fish flavored for high palatability. Food quality grain mix. Indoors or outdoors

$ 14.99

Rat-X 1#

Rat X provides effective control of rats and mice with 100% naturally derived ingredients that are non-toxic and safe to use around livestock and pets. Bait can be placed indoors or outdoors.

$ 4.99

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