Now It's Time To Grow!

Now It's Time To Grow!

It's still technically August, but we've got Fall on the mind! Cole crops have come in, mums & poinsettias have been planted and this week we've been planting pansies! All day, every day. Pansies. Pansies. Pansies. Now it's time to grow!


Check out the growth on the large mums!


Construction was slow around here the past few weeks, as they had to finish a lot of preliminary work along the new road and utilities first. They were able, however, to grade us a pad for a new production greenhouse and a larger mum mat.


Asphalt millings provide a strong and flat surface for either concrete or matting to be put down.


More mat space for mums...yay! Bring on the sunshine!


Next they'll be scooping dirt of the ridge here for our new bulk mulch bins. Unfortunately, our pollination tunnel had to be taken down for this, but we were able to salvage a bunch of our larger shrubs and trees to be planted elsewhere around the property.


Mark & Glenn pull up and pot part of the landscape that needs to be moved


If he's not growing, he'd like to be on a big piece of equipment. Farmer Mark in his happy place


 The construction company is making big strides this week and the land is changing fast! More decisions are being made as we work to get moved and into a new facility as quick as possible. BUT! Fall planting season is upon us, and our hearts are equally focused on bringing in plants that are best for your garden this time of year. Trees, shrubs, annuals and LAWN CARE are already here so come see us! Need to re-seed your lawn? Come talk to Brendan, Mark or Sheryl. Even if you're starting from scratch and you just have a list of questions, come see us and we'll set you up with the best plan for your space. Happy growing, see you soon!




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