It's a good day to dig in the dirt!

It's a good day to dig in the dirt!

Literally. We are planting, planting, planting and those tractors are grading, grading, grading...It's a good day to dig in the dirt!


If you haven't been to see us in a while, let me fill you in what's going on around here! Our retail greenhouse and the adjacent field were recently sold, and we're planning a move - don't worry, its incredibly close by. In fact, you'll still visit us through the same main entrance and instead of turning left down our drive, you'll stay straight down the tree line.

Check out the new road and our new entrance way!


We're building a new retail building with 2 connecting greenhouses. The overall structure will be smaller in square footage, but we'll have a larger outdoor shopping area for you to mingle your way through all your favorite plants. We're excited about this move because we'll be closer to our 13 production greenhouses, where - you guessed it - we're growing all your favorite plants. And speaking of those, take a look inside at what's being planted right now.


Mums & poinsettias are underway!


Check out the wee mums and poinsettias! Mark, Marie and their team have already planted over five thousand mums, and more and more poinsettias are being planted every week throughout the month (about 5,700 total!). The mums started out inside and have been making their way to the mats outside this week.

Individually staked with water tubes...and love :)


It's still warm out there, but these guys definitely prefer to be out in the sunshine so they can really take off. In case you didn't realize, we offer these mums for sale in store, as fundraisers and now as an online purchase! Stay tuned to our website because as soon as their ready, they'll be available to shop here and in store! If you're curious about selling mums or poinsettias for a fundraiser, call us at 804-526-4000 or click the link here.

Leveling for our temporary greenhouse


We're relocating a double bay greenhouse from another spot on the property to act as a temporary retail location here. Unfortunately, our new building will not be finished by the time we leave this spot on Sept 30, but we will not be closing. This greenhouse will be a fully functioning retail center until our new building is ready to go. This project will finish up at the end of the month so we can start transitioning product in September. Please come visit us and peek at what's happening!


Whether you've been a customer with us since "the Boulevard" days or if you're just finding us now, we truly appreciate your business and gardening enthusiasm. It's been a hot summer out there this year but there's still plenty of summer blooms to enjoy and plenty of fall prep to do. Allow yourself to get out there... It's a good day to dig in the dirt.


Stay posted with me here every week on plantings, happenings & construction!



(Shout out to my mom, Francine, for starting the original mailer, "What's Growing On?" in 1990.)






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