FAQ's about pumpkin patch and our move!

FAQ's about pumpkin patch and our move!

We're heading full speed into the Fall season and the festivities that come along with it - finally!


Based on recent phone calls and conversations with folks in the store, I know a lot of people are curious about exactly what is happening at Boulevard this October. We apologize if there has been confusion or blurriness around the Fall schedule, but I hope I can succinctly answer your most frequently asked questions here.


1) When exactly are you guys moving? Are you closing down?

We had hoped to be moved by September 30, but some construction delays pushed back our schedule and we will be here, in this building, until December 31. We will open in our new facility the first week of the new year. We will only close for a short period of time around the holidays, as usual.


2) Where exactly are you guys moving? Is that your new big parking lot?

Our new building is on the same piece of property, diagonally back behind where we are currently located. We are directly behind the new parking lot that has been paved in the former field, which now belongs to Carter Meyers Automotive. We will still have the same entrance, but in January, you will drive straight down the woods line instead of turning left. 

Our new side lot, where bulk mulch bins will be

The soil in the middle is where the building pad is being prepped. The stone on the perimeter is the new parking lot


3) What will your new store look like? How will it be different?

Our new building is on a smaller footprint, but is not necessarily smaller overall. There will be a smaller retail building with 2 connecting greenhouses and outdoor shopping space. The design of the building is made to honor the homey and quaint feel of our old shop on the Boulevard. We will be very close to our 13 production greenhouses. We have gradually been condensing some of the product lines that are no longer as valuable to our customers so we can streamline the best possible options. We are continuing to grow the same amount of plant material. We will still have a florist and a water garden department. We will no longer sell home decor but rather will focus on garden art and accessories.


4) Will there be a pumpkin patch this year?

Yes! Our pumpkin patch starts Friday October 6. The patch and the outdoor activities will run on Friday, Saturday and Sundays through October. During the week, you can purchase pumpkins, gourds, straw bales and corn stalks in the greenhouse. We will not have a hayride at the pumpkin patch this year. Due to construction, our wagons would have to run on the same roads as traffic, so it is not safe for us to run the wagon rides at this year's pumpkin patch. For hours and other details on the patch, click here.

You'll notice that our front pavillion where we normally set up base for pumpkin patch is empty, as this is part of the property that has been sold. This large sign at the entrance, however, will lead you down the road where you can park for the patch.


5) What is there to do at your pumpkin patch?

On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we offer the following activities on the farm: pony rides, toddler kingdom bounce, face painting, barrel train ride, feed the goats, straw maze, pumpkin creation station, pumpkin bowling and pumpkin bag toss. In addition, there are concessions, kettle corn and a playground in our picnic area.

The new patch! Located directly behind our current building. Seen here planted with seed.


6) Are Mark and Fran retiring?!

Not yet :) We are still a family run business, and all 4 Landa's currently work full time on location. Mark mostly resides in the production greenhouses, planting, propagating and experimenting with each new crop. The girls wear many hats inside the store and are held up by the best team of employees yet! Madison and Casey continue to take on more of the reins, but it's still a full family effort everyday.

Mark hand picks off the mother leaves of this year's poinsettia crop. Pinching these larger leaves off allows for the new bracts to push up and out


Mark's right hand - Miss Taz


Speaking of Fall...don't forget to add in some texture and color that will carry you through the winter! Ornamental kales add grape and gray colors to the landscape and are hardy through the winter! Pair with your pansies, and voila til Spring! (Tucked in here too, you'll notice an annual Millet, great for height and shape this Fall)


Again, we thank each and every one of you for shopping local and supporting your local garden center this Fall! There's no "convenient" time for construction, so we appreciate your continued support as we physically transition this year. We hope to provide you with some family fun at the patch this year, so come visit us soon!


Madison Williams




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