Long Term Grub Control

Long Term Grub Control

Milky Spore is not a new product, being on the market for many years. What has changed is a new found interest in this product, primarily because of how long it works and the safe issues regarding the environment. This truly is a great product, but one must have a clear understanding of the way it works and how to best apply it, First of all, understand that Milky Spore is a bacteria, a pathogen bacteria that attacks the grub and only the grub. This product not control any other insects, worms, or larvae.

Milky Spore can be applied at anytime of the year except when the ground is frozen. It will not burn or have any other interaction between fertilizers, weed control, or other insecticides. The way this product works is the key to understanding its success. The bacteria are spread onto the soil surface and moisture then takes it down into the soil. The grub larvae ingests these potentially deadly bacteria into their bodies. They will continue to move throughout the soil for approximately 30 days before the bacteria kills them. It is at that point that the grub dies. Its body starts to break down and release more of this bacteria throughout the soil. As you can see, the grubs act as workers to help spread this product. This is why we never suggest another grub control product to be applied prior to Milky Spore, because you would be killing off your workers.

The next issue we need to discuss is the formulation of this product. It comes in a concentrated powder form, as well as a spreadable form which needs to be applied with a drop spreader. (this is a true convenience item, as you just spread it throughout your yard with your fertilizer spreader) The critical consideration here is it requires 6 applications over a period of time to be fully vested. You can apply applications Spring, Summer and Fall for 2 years or you can apply a double rate for 1 year. The concentrated powder product needs only to be applied once. It requires a little more time in application but is now much easier with an applicator stick. If you take the time to compare, the concentrate is actually more economical. Regardless of what form you apply, you must remember that this product is not fully functional until one year after your final application. The real beauty here is that you can relax after that and not have to worry about grubs for the next 15 years! Enjoy your garden! -Mark (Head Guru)


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